Geriatrics and what it involves

As you age, many functions and systems in your body begin to deteriorate. This is typical for everyone as your body is destroying more cells than new ones are forming. This increases your visits to hospitals, and you must be close to someone before long as you may not be able to do some personal duties yourself. This care can be provided professionally through an adult and geriatric nurse practitioner Boynton Beach. This senior care and what it involves is discussed further below.

What is Geriatrics?

This medical branch deals with providing care and other health services to people over the age of sixty. This typically involves specialized diagnostic care to handle the needs of older adults. This is necessary as older adults are increasingly becoming a significant part of the population, mainly attributed to the growth and modernization of healthcare.

Even small clinics can provide geriatric services through qualified healthcare professionals with particular training in dealing with problems of older adults like nutrition, behavioral and memory issues, or osteoporosis.

Geriatrics primarily aims to grow the overall ability of older patients to go about their business as independently as possible, resulting in significant enhancement of their quality of life.

Geriatrics involving primary care typically involves the identification and management of typical health issues found in the elderly, including:

  •         Diabetes
  •         High blood pressure
  •         Heart diseases
  •         Cholesterol issues
  •         Arthritis

Clinics and health facilities take a detailed assessment of patients to determine each individual’s needs. The caregivers also recommend suitable treatment plans. Some typical services offered include:

Osteoporosis evaluation

Osteoporosis is an ailment that makes your bone thin and results in fractures in some bones. This is usually found more in women and men over forty-five. This condition can be diagnosed, so appropriate treatment through dieting, medication, or exercise is applied to reduce the effects of the ailment.

Fall assessment program

Accidental drops or falls in older people cause the most complications in their health issues. These falls can be due to increased aging or ill health. Your health and medication history are required to assess your vision, balance, hearing, and walking ability. This assists in reducing the risks of older people falling.

Memory evaluation

Memory-related problems like dementia are typical for people getting older. These issues can be addressed by taking a detailed psychological and medical evaluation of the affected party. Afterward, a care plan can be made to deal with the issues and others like depression, Alzheimer’s, or dementia.

Geriatric care can involve dealing with multiple elderly issues. Some of these conditions that geriatric care professionals can handle include:

  •         Dementia is characterized by a reduction in judgment or memory levels
  •         Delirium results in recurring mental disruptions or confusion
  •         Polypharmacy involves potential adverse effects when two drugs meet
  •         The inability of your body to control elimination, known as incontinence

Despite older people being past their prime and not having as significant an effect on society as they once were, their care is important as they are your loved ones. For any questions about geriatrics, check our website, or call our offices in Boynton Beach, FL.

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