First steps to take in case of unplanned pregnancies

Unplanned pregnancies are common. Almost half of all pregnancies are unplanned and unexpected pregnancies. These kinds of pregnancies catch you off-guard, and in most cases, your result from uttering shock. So many emotions overwhelm you, and you do not know the steps to take from there. Pregnancy is such a big deal; it means that you are carrying another human in your body, and the decisions you make at that point are life-changing for the tiny human forming in your body. Therefore, it is essential to ensure you take as much time as possible before deciding in such instances.

Moreover, there’s a lot of stigmatization with premarital pregnancies, which are more common these days. And in such instances, people may tend to make very irrational decisions. Therefore, there are few steps one should take in an example of unplanned pregnancy.

Listed below are some of the initial steps to take in the case of unplanned pregnancy

  1. Acknowledgment

After getting that positive pregnancy test, the first step is ensuring you acknowledge the results, that you are shocked and that it is not the end of the world. It’s startling to find out you’re pregnant unintentionally. It’s not anything you anticipated, planned for, or even considered. Therefore, it’s perfectly fine if it takes a few days for you to accept it. Allow yourself time to comprehend and absorb everything. This will ensure that you do not make irrational decisions and that whatever path you choose, you do it in a sober mind.

  1. Allow yourself to be emotional

Pregnancy is a life-changing moment for everyone. However, the news of unplanned pregnancy will overwhelm you with emotions. You may feel anger, frustrations, happiness, hate, love, and even confusion; so many mixed feelings. At this point of the pregnancy, it is hard to comprehend the exact feelings you have. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure you note down all the emotions you are experiencing at the moment. This will come in handy when the intensity of the news has weighed down, and you can decide what the exact feeling you have with the pregnancy is.

  1. Facing your doubts

Unplanned pregnancy will come with many doubts. There are doubts about whether you will be able to take care of the baby if you decide on keeping it, doubt what exactly to do with the pregnancy, and much more.  Therefore fear and doubts will overwhelm you at this stage of your life. It’s easy to allow your worries and uncertainties to get the best of you, but it’s vital to remember that those sentiments alone aren’t enough to guide your decision. Therefore, you must recognize your emotions but don’t allow fear to dictate your decision. Keep in mind that you are not obligated to make a decision straight away.

  1. Visualize and analyze the different options available

Various options are available for instance; there’s abortion, adoption, and also keeping the baby. It is essential to analyze all these options. Analyze their possible short-term and long-term effects. Critically analyze different situations and think of how other options will make you feel. For instance, if you go for adoption, will you be strong enough to go through giving up your child. Therefore, this is a big decision that should be made with a lot of sobriety and internalization, and visualization. It will help you reach the most comfortable decision.

  1. Finances shouldn’t be the main factor

Primarily, financial stability will be used as the main factor to make the pregnancy decision. As much as finances are an essential consideration, they shouldn’t be the main factors making you make a rational pregnancy decision.  This is because, in most cases, situations are not permanent, and nine months later, you could be having the financial stability you need to bring up a child. Moreover, there’s a lot of help available. For instance, many referrals and resources for women and men require assistance with pregnancy decisions. Therefore finances should scare you too much.

  1. Ensure you get Non-Judgmental support

When it comes to an unwanted pregnancy, people have a lot of ideas and feelings. You must locate folks who will provide you with support and encouragement if you need it. For instance, Naples free clinic caters to women with unplanned pregnancies and takes them through the process with no judgment.

In conclusion, unplanned pregnancy is not the end of the world. Therefore, taking time to make decisions will ensure you make the right decisions. Also, the above guiding steps will help you through the initial stages of pregnancy.

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