Exercises to Improve Your Spine Health

Often neglected, the spine is a vital part of our body that has many complex components. While we may take it for granted, a bad back or neck ache can be debilitating and a condition that can adversely affect a person’s lifestyle to a great extent. The city of Huntington Beach, California is one of the most affected by spinal issues. You should see a Huntington spine fracture specialist if you have any spine issues. With a proper spine, you can do all the fun activities and explore the amazing Huntington Beach which is beautiful. 

There are some exercises that you can follow to increase the strength and flexibility of your spine. Here they are:


Yoga is traditionally prescribed as one of the ways to keep your spine healthy and strong and prevent any injury that might occur. Grab a mat and follow the instructions of a yoga instructor you trust, to efficiently work on your backside. Yoga will strengthen your spine and prevent any future damage that might occur. The flexibility of your spine will also improve, which will prevent you from future discomfort.


Sit-ups are one of those exercises that can be highly productive for men as well as women. Just lie down with knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Breathe in as you lean your upper back forward and extend your arms over your head. Keep the body as flat as possible, exhale as you sit up, and return to the original position. Keep your head straight and avoid hitting it against the ground as you come back down. Repeat ten times or more for best results.


The plank is an exercise that targets your abdomen and lower back muscles to provide both strength and stability to those areas. You can perform a plank by lying face down on a yoga mat, then getting up on your hands and feet. Keep the back straight and tighten your muscles to avoid any sagging. Try holding that position for 10 seconds or longer for the best results. Planks help the spine with the correct posture, improve the core muscles in your body, and prevent your back from sagging.


Cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, running, cycling, and jumping rope are all-natural ways of keeping fit and healthy. The stronger your cardiovascular system is, the stronger your spine will be. Aerobics can also strengthen your back and abdominal muscles, which will help you maintain the proper curvature of your spine.


The deadlift is a very effective exercise that helps strengthen the back and tones up the abdominal muscles. It is an ideal workout for beginners to be familiar with before moving on to more complicated exercises. Just stand straight and keep your feet shoulder-length apart, then slowly bend forward from your hips, keeping your legs and knees straight as you go down. Holding a barbell or a pair of dumbbells in your hands, lift them so that you are standing straight once again. Repeat ten times for best results.


Crunches are one of the best and most efficient ways to work on your abdomen and lower back muscles. Lie down with your knees bent and keep your hands behind your head. Breathe in as you curl up, exhale as you return to the initial position. Try doing ten crunches every day for the best results. Crunches help your spine maintain a perfect posture, sturdy back muscles, and strong abdominal muscles.

Keep these exercises in mind as they will help you to stay healthy and active throughout your life.

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