Erectile Dysfunction and Trouble Getting An Erection

An erection is a physical hardening of your penis which usually happens when sponge-like soft tissue within the penis fills with blood. Sometimes, an erection just makes the penile spongy tissue expands and stand straight away from your body. Erections will usually go away once ejaculation, or even after the release of semen, the involuntary release of semen via the urethra. Sometimes, erections last for a very short period or continue for hours.

Erections are a normal part of sexual arousal, which usually last from a few minutes to several hours. Sometimes, they can continue for days without any sexual stimulation. Erections are a normal part of sexual development which occurs in both men and women. However, sometimes they stop or last only for a short time.

Many theories to explain why some men experience strong erections while others don’t. It is believed that the nervous system plays an important role in sexual arousal and orgasm. A possible explanation for a man not experiencing an erection, or having weak erections when sexually aroused, is that his parasympathetic nervous system is depressed and is not receiving sufficient stimulus needed to stimulate the appropriate portions of his sympathetic nervous system. A depressed sympathetic nervous system produces a decreased amount of epinephrine (Adrenalin), which is a hormone secreted into the blood stream that stimulates blood vessels and other parts of the body such as the eyes, nose, throat, and penis.

There are two parts of the brain which produce ejaculatory fluid – the pituitary gland and the adrenal gland. The nerves controlling the corpora cavernosa, which contains the chambers that house the penile blood cells, receive messages from the brain which cause them to secrete hormones. Epinephrine and adrenaline are released with sufficient sexual arousal causing strong erections. In some cases, the erections cause ejaculation.

Medical conditions that can cause temporary or permanent inability to have erections include serious medical conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, neurological problems, and other mental disorders. Some medications such as aspirin, nitrate, and some anesthetic agents also affect the ability to have erections. If a person is unable to achieve or maintain an erection it may be due to psychological reasons. For example, if the person feels scared or afraid of what is happening or there is something that is blocking his erection he cannot get it. The erection lasts only a few minutes, then it is gone.

When looking for a solution to your problem of trouble getting an erection, it is important to see a doctor. A physical examination will help the doctor to rule out any medical conditions that may be the cause of your difficulty getting an erection. Once ruled out the physician may prescribe alternative treatments that can help to restore function to the body so that erections can be maintained. Alternative treatments such as herbal supplements and diet changes can treat erectile dysfunction problems and improve sexual function. Some of the treatment options for erectile dysfunction can even improve an individual’s self-esteem, which can make having erectile problems easier to deal with.

The term for male erections is the erectile apparatus or the organ. An erection is actually a hardening of tissue inside the male penis that happens when sponge-like soft tissue within the penis fills with blood. Normally, an erection just causes the male penis to expand and stand erect without any involvement of blood flow. Erections will usually go away soon after ejaculation or only after orgasm, the involuntary release of semen through the urethral opening, usually the tube that extends from the base of the male penis to the anus. This happens because during orgasm the blood vessels in the male penis contracts. When the contractions subside, then a man is able to have an erection and will be able to perform sexually.

Male erections are not abnormal as they occur in every human male and some species even have these mechanisms as part of their reproductive system. The normal part of sexual arousal in humans is when the brain sends a message to the body to start the sexual activity. Erections are caused by signals sent by the brain and not the nerves. The nerves will send signals to the erectile tissue to expand and stick together. These erections are also caused by signals received from the heart to increase blood flow towards the penile region. As long as these signals continue, then a person will experience arousal and will have a slight erection.

There are other causes of erections such as nervousness, depression, side effects of drugs and aging. These conditions usually cause random erections, which are not considered to be a disease. A person can have spontaneous erections that do not respond to sexual stimulation. Some people are born with the capacity to have these types of erections.

If a person has the capability to have an erection despite the lack of sexual activity, then this is called a boner. There are two types of boners, one is dry boner and the other is wet boner. A dry boner is caused due to over secretion of genital fluids and the erection does not happen due to the presence of penile blood. A wet boner occurs when the erection happens due to the presence of blood in the genital area.

Random erections sometimes occur because of high blood pressure and this should be discussed with your doctor. High blood pressure can lead to irregular heart movement and also to erections that do not respond to sexual arousal. This condition is known as cardio-vascular disease and is related to the heart muscle itself. If you have high blood pressure and are experiencing random erections for no reason, then consult your doctor immediately.

There are various psychological factors that lead to male enhancement and these include low testosterone level and psychological factors such as anxiety, depression and stress. There are various treatments that are available to treat low testosterone levels and if the low testosterone level is associated with nocturnal erections, then treatment is something that you should consider. There are several medications that are available in the market and they are effective. One thing that you should know is that low testosterone level can be treated through natural means and you should also find out the cause of your low testosterone level. If you use the natural and herbal treatment methods along with proper medication then you will find out that you have solved your problem.

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