Does Your Child Need To See A Therapist? Here’s How To Know

Every parent desires the best for their kids. That’s why when they fall sick or break their arm when riding their bicycles, they’ll take them to hospital. Unfortunately, most parents seem confused and aren’t sure what to do when their children are depressed or anxious.

Children, like adults, go through difficult periods that require guidance and help. They may be dealing with school stress, grief, friend drama, bullying, and other childhood transitions. Some of them may be embarrassed to tell their dads or moms about their problem. At other times, parents may take these problems lightly. To keep your child healthy and active, you need to take them for therapy. Professionals at Select Psychology can help your kid, no matter their age, to overcome their mental problems.

Here are some signs that show your child needs to see a therapist:

  1. Excessive Worries And Fears

It’s normal for your child to worry at times. But as they get older, they’ll experience more worries because they’ll be thinking about mature things. Reassurance and empathy can help you solve little worries. However, if your kids’ worry prevents them from going to school or participates in their daily activities, you need to seek help.

  1. Self-Harm

Excessive worries may make your kid think about harming themselves. Adults may try to harm themselves by cutting their body parts or contemplating suicide. On the other hand, kids may engage in behaviors like piercing their skin with sharp objects, pulling their hair, digging fingernails, and banging their heads against walls.

If your child is engaging in these activities, you need to call a professional. Most of these behaviors may be repetitive and last for two weeks or more. If you don’t take prompt action, they may injure themselves, or worse, kill themselves.

  1. Talking About Death A lot

Kids may have numerous questions about death – that’s normal. However, when they start saying that they want to die or practice writing goodbye notes, they should be evaluated. Like most parents, don’t rebuke your child harshly or prevent them from saying such things. Instead, support them, love them unconditionally, and seek help.

  1. Complaining A Lot

Depression and anxiety may take a toll on your kids and lead them into complaining about their health. They may be complaining about stomach aches, headaches, and other conditions. If you’ve taken them to a medical doctor who has ruled out the possibility of medical issues, find a therapist.

Children, like adults, go through stressful, emotional, and challenging experiences. It would help if they talked to professionals who have experience handling such issues than talking to you, their parents.

  1. Regressive Behaviour

Regressive behavior is a clear sign that your child requires emotional support. If he or she has separation issues, is clingy, or bed-wets when you’re night-training them, call for help. Other signs may also include frequent spurts of anger or intense meltdowns.

Bottom Line

Just like you get concerned when your children are sick and take them to the hospital, you also need to take them to a therapist when they have emotional problems. Taking your child for evaluation won’t hurt them but will reduce your worry about their health. Unfortunately, if you wait for longer, it may be too late.

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