Does The SSA Spy On You After Filing A Claim?

SSA benefits are very difficult to get approved. Even when they do get approved, it requires a lot of solid evidence and a good attorney from Gallo, Cazort & Co. Law Firm. Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that if the Social Security Administration finds out that you are misusing your benefits, they may take them away from you. 

While the SSA does not directly spy on you, there are always chances of them noticing a red flag or receiving a complaint about you from a third person. If you are applying for SSA benefits, you must educate yourself about their tactics. 

Does the SSA spy on you?

The SSA does not spy on you as private insurance companies do. They analyze the evidence submitted by you and approve or disapprove your claim based on those. However, just because they do not generally conduct surveillance does not mean they cannot or would not do so if needed. 

If the SSA suspects that your claims were fake or if your condition has improved to the point where you no longer need these benefits, they will probably take steps to investigate the situation. However, instead of conducting surveillance, the SSA periodically conducts a CDR. 

A CDR or Continuing Disability Reviews is the periodic review of your medical impairments by the SSA to determine if you are still disabled or not. If you are found to be healthy enough, your benefits will be taken away. 

Does the SSA check your social media?

The SSA does not actively monitor your social media. Still, you should be careful about what you post online. If you have applied for benefits, it is better to refrain from posting on social media. For example, posting an older picture of yourself where you are perfectly healthy may raise problems. Additionally, if you regularly run errands, travel, or attend social events and post them on your social profile, the SSA will believe that your disability does not limit your movements. 

The SSA uses which methods of surveillance?

While the SSA does not actively conduct surveillance on you 24/7, they may use one or more of the following ways if they have a reason to do so. 

  • Direct observation. 

The SSA will hire someone to watch your every move whenever you are out in public to catch you running errands, going to dance classes, doing strenuous workouts in the gym, going for long walks, etc. 

  • Video surveillance. 

The SSA will try to catch you on video doing something that proves you are no longer disabled. 

  • Social media monitoring.

As is stated, the SSA does not constantly monitor your social profiles. However, if they receive a complaint from a third person or they suspect something fraud, they will hire investigators to look into your profile and check your posts. 

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