Do Not Forget These Tips In Case of Dental Emergencies

You already know that your dental health is vital in deciding your overall well-being. Regardless, no matter how hard we try to maintain healthy teeth and gums, you never know when you might encounter a dental emergency. You might suddenly experience a toothache or a chipped tooth, or you might accidentally get hit or suffer from an accident! But you should know how to respond during such situations so that you do not worsen the situation. 

Of course, it is only until you go to a dentist, such as allentown emergency dental care. Here, we will explore dental emergency care tips that you should never forget so that you can handle these situations confidently.

Some dental care tips you should never forget in case of an emergency

  • Visit your dentist or the nearest dental clinic immediately

Time is of utmost importance essence in case of dental emergencies. Call your dentist immediately as soon as you assess the situation and understand what is wrong. If you are not near their clinic, just search for the nearest dental clinic if you think the situation requires immediate attention. Many dental offices have an emergency line to address urgent cases outside regular office hours. So, make sure you have that number.

  • Do not put pressure on the area of injury.

If you see that your teeth have become loose or are dangling, do not decide to pull them out! That is extremely dangerous for the tissues and the roots, causing them more damage. Also, if you see any pus-filled pocket on your tongue, do not pop it with your teeth! That can be bad as well. No matter the problem, try to be as gentle as possible. Do not pressure your mouth in any way.

  • How to take care of a knocked-tooth

If you or someone else gets their tooth knocked out, handle it with extreme care! Hold only the crown of the tooth and not the root in any way. If the tooth looks dirty, just rinse it with water, but do it gently so you do not scrub off the tissue. You can store it in a container that has milk or the patient’s saliva.

  • Clean your mouth with salt water.

Get some lukewarm water, add salt, and rinse your mouth with this water. It is beneficial in cleaning your mouth and also ridding you of any pain. This is because it soothes the tissues and relaxes the muscles in your mouth. You can always use cotton to clean the areas around the injury if needed.

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