Concierge Medicine: What Can You Achieve With This Form of Health Care?

Life is busy, but you are healthy until you are not. Your condition may change quickly, and it may not feel great anymore. You may want an optimized healthcare service that serves you when needed without squeezing appointments into your full schedule. Verona concierge medicine includes comprehensive and personalized care for your health at an affordable monthly fee. Concierge Medicine offers preventive services, comprehensive physicals, and primary care services almost on the same day you make your appointment. Read the following discussion to learn about the benefits you can gain from concierge medicine.

Concierge Medicine Is Available When You Need It

Are you busy with challenging life duties that are almost difficult to fix in a little time for your doctor’s appointment? You can benefit from concierge medicine because you will get access to your doctor without having to squeeze an appointment into your already busy schedule. Usually, you will make an appointment with your doctor and get a same-day visit without waiting to see the doctor. Additionally, you might call your doctor over the phone to discuss your symptoms and get treatment options. Your concierge doctor will check you and recommend specialty care if necessary.

Concierge Medicine Offers Long-Term Prevention for Your Health

Since you will spend more time with your doctor during your visit, you will enjoy physical exams beyond traditional annual physicals. Therefore, you will have plenty of time to discuss your current symptoms and long-term health goals with your doctor. Your doctor will then help you decide on the health practices required to help you achieve these goals. Also, the longer appointment times will help you and your doctor develop a plan to stay healthy for a long time.

You Can Achieve a Better Doctor-Patient Relationship with Concierge Medicine

Since you have direct access to healthcare, you will likely develop a personal bond with your concierge doctor whenever you need it. Over time, you may find it easy to trust your doctor with your health issues and create a familiar relationship that will make you more willing to follow instructions on preventive care. Your doctor will be able to dive into your medical and family’s medical history and help you identify risk factors based on the history. As a result, your doctor will offer screenings that will help you understand your health and help in the early detection and prevention of diseases.

Concierge Medicine Can Offer Treatment for Your Whole Family

Choosing to have the same doctor for your family can give your doctor more information on your health to understand their lifestyle and history. Additionally, you can enjoy a same-time visit with your family so you can all get your annual physical exams. Furthermore, you may benefit from urgent house visits especially when you all fall sick at the same time.

Concierge medicine continues to increase in popularity owing to its many benefits. When you are healthy, you may not think a future health complication can develop, but with concierge medicine, you can ward them off. Concierge medicine allows for more personalized visits since you will have a longer appointment session with your doctor, who may identify health issues before they progress. As a result of early detection, you will get prevention services that will help you prevent costly health bills in the future.

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