Common Reasons To See A Gyno

For all women, a visit to a gynecologist is unavoidable. Routine gynecological appointments, much like annual doctor’s consultations, are essential for maintaining your health. So, when must you refer to a gynecologist for therapy and care? To create awareness, Phoenix gynecology specialist Dr. DeShawn Taylor highlights some common reasons you might want to arrange a gynecologic consultation. Read on to learn more.

It Is Time For Your Annual Evaluation

An annual exam is the most prevalent reason to see an OBGYN. Most females should begin seeing their gyno once every year for assessments beginning at 21 years. These evaluations often entail a typical pelvic examination to look for any signs of possible concerns that may affect the cervix, uterus, and other female reproductive parts. Your physician will also conduct a pap smear and breast exam to identify unusual and possibly malignant cells in the cervix.

You Suspect You Are Pregnant

Irrespective of whether you recently had a positive pregnancy test or have signs of pregnancy, it is critical to validate your pregnancy with a gynecologist. By affirming your pregnancy as quickly as practicable, your doctor can offer you the solutions you require to ensure you enjoy a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

You Are Curious About Your Contraceptive Options

There are multiple contraceptive options today that you could feel somewhat confused about. In such cases, your gynecologist can walk you through various alternatives and weigh the benefits and drawbacks to assist you in establishing an appropriate plan for you depending on your lifestyle and health. 

You Are Worried About STIs

Another reason to see your gynecologist right away is if you think you are at high risk of sexually transmitted infections. If you observe any odd vaginal sores, discharge, or other concerns, talk to Dr. Taylor.

Unfortunately, numerous STIs have no symptoms. Thus, you could have an STI without even realizing it. As a result, whether or not you are having symptoms, it is best to arrange routine STI testing.

You Have Problems With Your Menses

Consult your gynecologist if you have painful, irregular, or excessively heavy periods. These symptoms could indicate inherent health concerns, including endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, or dietary inadequacies.

You Are Showing Symptoms of Infections

More often than not, an infection is marked by burning, discharge, and itching when urinating. Whether you have a bacterial infection, urinary tract infection, yeast infection, or bladder problem, your gynecologist can accurately diagnose and address it swiftly and effectively.

Every time you arrange a visit with your gynecologist, you may experience a rush of anxiety. However, you are not alone! In a recent study, the greater percentage of women experience significant anxiety and worry when seeing their gynecologist. Whereas you might not recognize it, your gynecologist cares about your comfort and would like you to feel comfortable whenever you arrange your next visit. Whether you want to access annual exams, birth control options, menstrual problems, or any other gynecologic concern, Dr. DeShawn Taylor and the expert staff at Desert Star Family Planning can help. Schedule a consultation through mobile or book online to discuss your concerns and explore your care options. 

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