Common Myths About Infertility Debunked By Specialists

Imagine feeling lost in a sea of myths, misinformation, and misconceptions about infertility. You’re not alone – it’s a storm many ride. Have you heard whispers of “maybe you’re not trying hard enough” or “just relax, and it will happen”? Such myths can trigger waves of self-doubt and guilt. But, hold tight! It’s time to cast aside these false beliefs and navigate towards the beacon of truth. We’re here to debunk common myths about infertility, bringing you expert insights from the shores of infertility new jersey. Let’s start this enlightening journey.

Myth 1: Infertility is a Woman’s Problem

Remember, it takes two to tango. Infertility is not just a woman’s issue. In fact, about half of all cases of infertility involve problems with the man. The cause could be low sperm count or poor sperm quality. So, it’s just as essential for men to get checked as it is for women.

Myth 2: Age Doesn’t Matter

Age is more than just a number when it comes to fertility. Women’s fertility starts to decline subtly from the mid-20s and more sharply after the 35. Men’s fertility also declines with age, but more gradually. So yes, age does matter.

Myth 3: You’re Trying Too Hard

Unfortunately, no amount of relaxation will resolve a medical infertility problem. It’s not about “trying too hard” or “being too stressed”. Infertility is a medical issue that requires medical intervention.

Myth 4: Infertility is Uncommon

Infertility is more common than you might think. It affects about one in eight couples. You’re not alone in this fight. There’s a whole community out there, ready and willing to offer support.

Myth 5: There’s Nothing You Can Do About Infertility

This might be the most damaging myth of all. There’s a lot that medicine can do to help. Treatments like medication, surgery, and assisted reproductive technologies can make parenthood a reality for many couples struggling with infertility.

Now, armed with the truth, you can face infertility head-on. Remember, you’re not sailing this ship alone – there are experts ready to help you navigate these tumultuous waters. Reach out for help, and don’t let myths keep you moored in doubt and misunderstanding. The shores of hope are closer than you think.

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