Combine work & wellness with these exciting career choices

Modern society is more aware than ever before of how important good mental and physical health is in our day-to-day lives. More and more people like to embrace a healthier lifestyle and tailor it to their own preferences, rather than blindly following someone else’s course.

This opens up avenues for people who want to work in health, fitness, wellness and nutrition. Lots of people now pay for the services of these individuals, so jobs in that industry are providing more choices to combine work with wellness.

Exciting career choices to consider

Personal trainer

This is probably the first career path that comes to mind in the fitness and wellness industry. It can be rewarding, exciting and dynamic, based out of a gym or any other facility where one-on-one/group training can be provided. You can also work freelance, providing your services in public places or even over the internet.

If you complete the personal trainer level 3 course, you gain a certification that puts you in a strong position against your competition. This will equip you with the skills and knowledge to build your career further.


A nutritionist can work in various settings, including:

  • Health centres
  • Gyms
  • Hospitals
  • Spas

If you are interested in the role food plays in our wellness, this could be a great career option. Nutritionists can help with weight loss, treating illness, achieving fitness goals or improving general health. Your business can be based online if you prefer to freelance. You will need to get a degree in nutrition, but the investment could launch a rich and exciting career.

Wellness coach

A wellness coach provides an extensive and varied service as required. The goal is to help clients make healthy lifestyle changes across the board, adapting their daily life to start living how they want to.

The work involves looking at different aspects of a person’s life, such as:

  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Mental health
  • Sleep patterns

It can be a demanding career, but the rewards can be incredible. Wellness coaches usually require experience and a good track record. Specialist personal trainers, nutritionists or others often get involved in this more holistic work after they have been in the job for some time. It is a continuing journey of education and experience, and you will provide a comprehensive service that changes lives.

Final thoughts

There are many ways to combine work and wellness in 2022. You should always bear in mind that the things you promote and teach will have a major impact on people’s lives – they are putting their faith in your knowledge.

Whatever education path you choose to get into this industry, never take shortcuts or leave gaps in your knowledge. Your job is to help others and you must take that very seriously.

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