Causes and Risk Factors for Migraines

Have you ever experienced a severe pounding on one side of the head worse than a regular headache? If so, that means you have experienced migraines before. Migraines can occur to anyone, and the pain can persist for days if a person does not seek treatment. Do not suffer anymore because of migraines.  You should reach out to a Dallas migraines specialist for migraines treatment. Here is what you need to know about the causes and the risk factors for migraines.

What may be causing your migraines?

  • Hunger

Hunger will cause migraines for many people and may do the same for you. Migraines may occur when you skip your meals. The migraines are stronger for people who are not used to skipping their meals.

  • Poor posture

Your migraine may result from your poor sitting or standing. Poor posture may apply a lot of pressure on the neck and the head, leading to migraines. The migraines normally occur due to prolonged poor posture.

  • Changes in the environments

 Certain changes in your environment can trigger migraines. High temperatures may cause you migraines. People sensitive to loud music or bright lights can also experience migraines. Other environmental changes such as strong scents and humidity may cause the condition.

  • Certain diets

 You may consume certain foods, resulting in migraines. Caffeine, nuts, cheese, and alcohol contribute to migraines in many individuals.

  • Hormonal changes

You may be experiencing hormonal changes which may cause you migraines. Hormonal changes are common in women who may be experiencing menstruation.

  • Your medication

You are experiencing migraines because you are taking medications that trigger the migraines. The medications may be birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy.

  • Emotional changes

Spikes in your emotions cause migraines. You can get migraines due to depression, anxiety, extreme stress, or too much excitement.

What are the Risk Factors for Migraines?

  • Family history

Your family history may be linked to your risks of experiencing migraines. If migraines are a common condition to many of your family members, there is a very high chance that you will easily get migraines. The condition is completely genetic and cannot be avoided.

  • Lifestyle

An unhealthy lifestyle such as excessive smoking or consumption of alcohol may cause migraines. You will most likely experience migraines if you continue with your daily drinking and smoking habits. Lifestyle changes play a huge role in reducing your chances of getting migraines.

  • Existing health conditions

Existing health problems can lead to migraines. People who face depression and anxiety experience migraines a lot. If you have other medical conditions such as arthritis, obesity, or tumors in the brain, you are at high risk of getting migraines.

  • Gender

 Women experience migraines a lot due to hormonal changes. Being female therefore puts you at a higher risk of experiencing migraines.


Migraines are very uncomfortable. They make one bedridden, and the victim tends to have lower energy to carry out their daily tasks whenever they get migraines. Do not stay in bed all day waiting for the migraines to go away. Instead, book a consultation with a migraine specialist to get quick treatment at the Magnolia Pain Associates. Dr. Nina Sandhu will provide you with treatment for migraines.


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