An Indispensable Therapy For Chronic Pain

Experiencing pain once in a while proves that your central nervous system is at its optimal function. However, if your pain deteriorates for over three months, preventing you from living your life fully, you may need medical intervention. If you are looking for long-lasting relief from chronic pain, Howell Ketamine infusion clinic at ReYou Ketamine Treatments should be your ultimate choice.

What you should know about chronic pain

It is normal to experience pain once in a while; occasional aches are a vital reaction of your central nervous system that alerts you of an impending injury. When you get injured, your nerves transmit the pain signals through your spinal cord to your brain. As the injury heals, the pain gets better. However, if your pain persists for over three months or worsens over tie, you may have chronic pain.

The pain may manifest as a dull ache or a sharp burning sensation and may be intermittent or steady, depending on the injured area. Different types of chronic pain are arthritis, post-trauma, headache, psychogenic, and lower back pain. In most cases, chronic pain is a life-long medical issue that the affected individuals may need to learn to tolerate with management measures. If left unmanaged, chronic pain can significantly interrupt your life.

Factors contributing to chronic pain

In some cases, chronic pain may be a symptom of a known medical disorder like cancer or arthritis. Underlying medical conditions and injuries can also alter body functioning, making your body more sensitive to pain. These alterations may remain intact in your body even after healing from the original disease or injury. An injury as simple as a strain or sprain may leave you with chronic pain for a lifetime. Chronic pain is not necessarily due to an injury or a disease. Medical experts refer to this type of pain as psychosomatic or psychogenic pain. It often stems from depression, stress, and anxiety. Scientists base this connection on reduced levels of endorphins in your bloodstream. Chronic pain can also be due to several overlapping triggers. For instance, you could experience psychogenic pain and migraines altogether.

The purpose of infusions in chronic pain management

ReYou Ketamine Treatments team offers infusion therapies that relieve your chronic pain. During your initial appointment, your provider analyzes your symptoms, complications, pain level, and diagnosis before recommending any treatment. If your chronic pain is due to a treatable medical condition, your doctor addresses that illness rather than treating your symptoms.

The specialists at ReYou Ketamine Treatments may recommend IV hydration therapy, a nutrient-rich saline drip that supplements your body with vital nutrients to promote optimal body functioning. The treatment also hydrates you, minimizing chronic pain symptoms like concentration difficulties, fatigue, and sleep problems.

Your physician may also recommend ketamine therapy, an anesthetic drug with dissociative effects. Ketamine infusions are essential in managing chronic medical conditions with symptoms like neuropathic pain from cancer. It also relieves chronic pain, eliminating your need for opioid pain medications.

For compressive care for chronic pain, call the ReYou Ketamine Treatments office or book your spot online today.

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