All That You Need To Know About Oscillometry

Oscillometry is a simple process that doctors use to know about lung function and the proper treatments. The main reason that the lung airways are blocked could be from asthma or any other breathing problem.

The test can be done two times after the bronchodilator medication is used, about 15 minutes from the process. The results were measured on a computer screen to show the speed of the air flows.

Facts about Oscillometry Testing

The test can be done using devices from Thorasys. They help in measuring lung function and any breathing challenges. The devices make the test easy and accurate and can be done in a short time. After that, the patient can resume the regular diet and everyday activities.

Home Preparation

The good thing is that the test needs little preparation, and you are not supposed to use any short-acting asthma medications four hours before the test. During the test, the patient is allowed to come along with their comfort items and have them. Additionally, you can wear your regular clothes.

Before the Test

  • The test can be done when someone is in the hospital as a patient. You can register at the hospital desk and wait for your turn for the test slot. If it is a child, the parent can stay with the child while the rest remain in the waiting bay.
  • When you get into the exam room, the doctor’s assistant will ask some screening questions and take some vital signs, history, and weight.
  • As a parent, you can ask some questions or discuss all the concerns during the test. Be prepared for the waiting period since you will not know how many people need the test done.

The Oscillometry Test

During the test, you will work with a pulmonary function technician. The same test will be overseen by a doctor and the test performed by the technician. After the test, the result will be reviewed by a medical doctor.

  • The patient needs to sit on a chair next to the oscillometry machine and remove the clothes. The technician will then have a padded nose clip in the patient’s nose to ensure actual breathing through the mouth.
  • Then the technician will place a sterile mouthpiece, and the patient will need to breathe normally. The gentle pulses will need to come through the tube and be felt in the chest. The process will be repeated a few times to get better and accurate results.
  • The medical specialist will have the patient use a bronchodilator machine and wait 15 minutes before the breathing test.
  • The last step is for the doctor to review the oscillometry testing and discuss the outcome.

If you have any breathing issues, it is always advisable to seek advice from a specialist. They will offer the proper procedure during and after the test. When the results are out, you will get the chance for the doctor to discuss the test result. Always look for a reputable center with experienced technicians.

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