6 Facts You Never Knew About Anxiety

Did you know that 25% of individuals will face anxiety during their lifetime? Such statistics may be terrifying to you if you have never experienced them. Besides, If you have never encountered it, you would not be familiar with its devastating consequences. Recently, health practitioners have reported that anxiety Sandy Springs has been occurring alarmingly due to various causes like diabetes and heart diseases. If you have never experienced it, it would be critical to learn more about anxiety for safety purposes. The following are 6 facts about anxiety you may have never encountered that you should know.

  1.     Anxiety May Be Genetic

In most cases, environmental and genetic factors may influence the possibility of having anxiety. Nevertheless, it is possible to have anxiety even if it does not run in your family. Studies assert that there is a strong association between anxieties and genetics, although more comprehensive research is needed in this sector.

  1.     Changing Your Lifestyle May Reduce Anxiety

Recently, there has been no known perfect solution to eradicate anxiety. However, several stress-reduction strategies perform effectively in dealing with daily worries. For instance, if you are a beginner, you should ensure you get adequate sleep for around 7-8 hours a day to reduce the chances of rumination. Alternatively, exercise activities such as walking and riding are crucial. Exercises enable your body to balance the neurochemicals that lead to anxiety.

  1.     Anxiety Impacts More Females Than Males

Statistics indicate that approximately 23% of United States women experienced an anxiety disorder in the previous year, related to 14% of males. In most cases, females tend to participate more frequently in repetitive negative thinking occasions that surge anxiety. Also, fluctuating hormones are linked to high prevalence in women that causes you to feel more irritated during some times of a month after childbearing.

  1.     Anxiety Is Curable

Although this complication is treatable, only 37% of Americans seek medical attention. One prevailing misconception among most people is that if anxiety has been there for a long time, there are no chances of treating or managing it. Luckily, there are numerous therapists who can help you in treating the issue.

  1.     Anger Cases And Memory Loss Are Linked To Anxiety

Only a few individuals are aware of the linkage between anger and anxiety. Generally, when someone feels powerless about a scenario, there are high chances of expressing anger as the remedy of showing control of the situation. Anxiety is related to overstimulation from a stressful environment and the complexity of dealing with threats.

  1.     Pinpointing Triggers Can Assist

Usually, each individual’s causes result from diverse experiences. For instance, a happy occasion like a job promotion may trigger anxiety as your brain goes through the what-ifs, such as what if I cannot handle possible challenges in the new job? However, identifying such triggers early will help you reduce the chances of falling to anxiety.

Did you know that anxiety will deteriorate the quality of your life if untreated? You should seek medical attention if you notice signs and symptoms of it. However, you need to be cautious about your provider experience to fuel faster recovery. Breakthru Psychiatric Solutions, located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, guarantees comprehensive and compassionate anxiety treatments that bring you back to your normal life. Visit the clinic today or book online to schedule an appointment that will mark the end of your suffering.

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