5 Reasons To Consider Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a department that deals with the rehabilitating of individuals through exercise and other physical treatments to improve their quality of life. Many people rely on this service when they are injured, sick or disabled to help restore their bodies to pre-injury conditions. Someone who has recently had knee surgery may go for several follow-up appointments with a physical therapist to help improve their range of motion and walk normally again. In this article, we look at some of why you should consider visiting a doctor practicing physical therapy in Lawrenceville.

Prevent Buildup of Scar Tissue

Many individuals who have undergone surgery or have experienced an injury will need to visit a physical therapist to prevent the buildup of scar tissue. After being damaged, a person’s body responds naturally by creating new cells to heal itself. Still, if excessive scar tissue is allowed to build up, it may cause pain and even restrict movement of the affected area, preventing it from fully healing and expanding effectively. A physical therapist will use various techniques to break up this buildup and help align the cells in a more natural position, allowing for rapid cell growth without scar tissues interfering with the process.

Improve Joint Flexibility

Some individuals seek physical therapy to improve their joint flexibility, not because they have been injured, but because they want to improve their overall muscle strength and reduce stress on articular cartilage in the joints. If a person has been doing heavy workouts regularly, they may begin to feel pain in the muscles surrounding the joints as they grow stronger. A physical therapist will teach the patient the various stretching exercises to counteract this pain, allowing them to continue working out without causing excess damage.

Manage Chronic Pain

Some individuals need to visit a physical therapist regularly to treat chronic pain. Chronic pain is especially common among those with arthritis or experiencing inflammation in various joints. The body contains a network of nerves that allows signals to travel around the body and tell it how to move and react appropriately. Still, if one of these nerves is damaged or overstimulated, it can cause severe discomfort and even debilitating pain. A physical therapist will work with patients suffering from chronic pain by performing various manual therapies to stimulate the nerve and provide an otherwise sensitive area with a sense of balance and ease.

Improved Strength and Mobility

There are several reasons why you should consider taking up physical therapy with a professional therapist. If you have ever suffered from an injury, chronic pain, or joint damage, visiting your local physical therapist will help improve the flexibility and strength of the damaged area. Physical therapy allows for a better quality of life as you can continue generally living without worrying about aggravating the damaged area. A physical therapist can also help people improve their overall mobility by telling them how to stretch specific muscles or when they are safe to perform specific exercises that will not further damage the joints.

In summary, physical therapists can offer help in improving the quality of life for many individuals who have experienced an injury, chronic pain, or need to improve their flexibility and mobility. Physical therapy also helps prevent the buildup of scar tissue.

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