5 inspirational Stories of Famous People Overcoming Disability

Disability is when an individual cannot live an everyday life due to specific ailments. Even in this modern civilization, disabled people face discrimination and are not treated equally in society. However, these ‘specially abled’ people possess unique talents and are no less than an able person. Let’s go through various inspirational stories of real-life warriors who overcame the curse of disability and set examples for future generations.

Trischa Zorn – Trischa Zorn, an American athlete, is the most successful sportsperson in the history of Paralympics with 55 medals in her kitty. She suffered from a genetic condition from birth that made her blind. Despite this condition, she made her country and the disabled community proud with her achievements in the sports field. Disability didn’t bog her down but gave her a reason to fight for herself and prove her potential. At the tender age of 16, beating her disability, she participated in the Paralympics for the first time and won seven gold medals in the swimming category. She continued this winning streak for many years and became the most successful Paralympic athlete ever.

Frida Kahlo – An iconic character from the twentieth century in the field of art, Frida Kahlo suffered from polio and deformity since childhood. She spent most of her life lying in bed, yet left a significant mark on her artistic abilities. Mexican by birth, she faced immense pain throughout her life yet is known to be one of the greatest artists of her time. Her self-portraits are acknowledged as a rare piece of art worldwide to date.

Stephen Hawking – One of the most outstanding scientists, physicists, and cosmologists in the modern world, Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) at the age of 21. When most youth his age thrived to start the new life journey, he was told he had two more years to live. Despite this condition, he fought like a true hero, overcame the challenges, dedicated his life to science, and lived for 55 more years. He created history with the help of technology and depended on assistive devices for a significant part of his life. His physical condition paralyzed him from head to toe. However, he opted for advanced technology to exemplify his disabilities, express his words, and reach out to the masses. Disability Friendly LV offers a wide range of disability-friendly devices that help with mobility. Electric wheelchairs are the best option for people with disabilities. They are portable and lightweight and can travel a long distance with a single charge. So, if you or your loved one is struggling with immobility, these mobility devices can change your life forever.

Nick Vujicic – A motivational speaker and celebrity, Nick Vujicic was born without limbs. Due to his condition, he was ridiculed and pitied in his childhood. With great perseverance, he fought with all negativities and was determined to do something notable. He penned several books and has given speeches in prestigious platforms worldwide. His life inspires thousands of disabled people and has motivated them with his inspiring journey.

Sudha Chandran – Here is a lesser-known story about a woman who aspired to be a dancer. Born in India in 1965, Sudha was a jolly girl with immense talent and a dream to be a renowned Bharatnatyam dancer. However, just when she was ready to pursue her dreams, at the age of 16, she faced a terrible road accident that needed her right leg to be amputated. As a teenager, an aspiring dancer with no legs, Sudha was devastated, losing the meaning of her life. But life had other plans for her. She slowly started to regain her mobility with a prosthetic known as the ‘Jaipur Foot.’ Within two years, she started dancing again and performed at various locations worldwide. She embraced the life’s challenges with aplomb. With this wooden foot and an undying passion for art, she created a dance, television, and cinema niche. At age 57, she continues to inspire the generations with her grace, courage, and achievements.

Concluding Remarks

To summarize, disability is not a reason to stop living our dreams. If one is determined, no disability can stop him from achieving the goal that he aims for. The family and society play a significant role in identifying and encouraging the person to bring out the best. A little appreciation and support can help a disabled person to feel valued and re-evaluate his potential. May the real-life stories shared in this article inspire many other people with disabilities to overcome challenges and make the best of their valuable lives.

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