5 Different Ways to Consume your Cannabis

Using marijuana is a very personal decision. There are different reasons people use marijuana, whether for relaxation or medical purposes, such as managing chronic pain. When it comes to taking cannabis, there are several more options now than there were a decade ago. Because of the personal nature of marijuana use, what works for you won’t work for the other person. For example, maybe inhalants will work better for you than ingestibles. It could be intimidating to find the method of ingestion that will work best for you.  

Marijuana has mostly been embraced for its medical properties. Among people that use it are those that suffer from traumatic brain injuries. These are caused by external impacts to the brain. They then temporarily or permanently disrupt normal brain functioning. Currently there are no pharmaceutical treatments completely effective for TBI. Some patients are thus gravitating towards medical cannabis after undergoing a traumatic brain injury scan. The CBT and THC compounds in marijuana help in managing issues like nausea, anxiety and pain. The following are different ways to take cannabis. 


The first way that you can take marijuana is through inhalation. In simpler words, inhalation is smoking. It is undoubtedly the most common way of taking cannabis both in the past and currently. Inhaling is also the fastest way to get the THC in your system. Since cannabinoids go into the body through your lungs, they will be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Blood travels at about four miles every hour. As soon as the THC from your weed goes into circulation, it will just take a few seconds to get to your brain. Once you smoke your weed, you will begin feeling the effects within ten minutes or less. 

Under inhalants, there are still different types of smoking options available at online and physical weed dispensaries. You will come across a variety of inhalants, including blunts and joints.


If you don’t wish to vaporize or smoke your marijuana, why not try brownies? There are so many ingestibles that you can enjoy, and among the most popular are brownies. Oral consumption is different from inhalation in how long the effects take to kick in and how long they last. When you take your brownies, it will take about thirty minutes for them to begin kicking in. At times it could even take up to an hour. The effects of these brownies will last for two hours and, at times, even six hours. Other baked marijuana goods include cakes and cookies. 


If you are taking medical marijuana, you can take it as pills like other types of pharmaceutical medication. This form of marijuana is very convenient, especially if you don’t want to go through the hassle of smoking. Marijuana pills and capsules tend to have high concentration; therefore, it is vital to be cautious. Ensure that you are getting proper dosages. 


Although it is a bit complex, it is possible to have a cannabis-infused drink such as tea and coffee. This way of taking weed isn’t quite as popular as eating weed snacks. However, these drinks have the same effects as those edibles. 

5.THC sprays 

They are just tinctures that have been put into spray bottles. All you need to get that incredible high is about three to four squirts. The beauty of cannabis sprays is that they are inconspicuous, and you can use them around people who could otherwise be offended by the smell of marijuana smoke. 

Weed has become popular with both recreational and medical users across the board. These are just some ways to take it, and if you have never taken weed before, you can begin with one or two of these. If you have been using one medium for a while, it is the perfect opportunity to try the others.

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