5 Benefits of Kyphoplasty Procedure

Back pain could result from health issues such as arthritis or broken vertebrae, which presses on the spinal nerve endings. Thus you should opt for kyphoplasty chandler procedure which restores the height of the vertebrae. Your doctor injects special cement and uses balloon-like appliances to minimize the damage to the spine. Thus it is a minimally invasive treatment that might work for cancer-damaged vertebrae. It may treat the vertebrae which collapse due to osteoporosis dealing with chronic back pain. Kyphoplasty is associated with risks such as infection, increased back pain, and cement leaking out of position. However, these are the benefits of the procedure.

It Reduces Spinal Pain

You may experience back pain when the collapsed and herniated discs on the back press the nerves on the spine. The spinal nerves are sensitive, and the sunken discs can cause sensitivity and pain at the nerve endings. The kyphoplasty procedure is minimally invasive as the orthopedic doctor injects cement to uplift the discs before using a balloon-like appliance to deal with the sunken vertebrae effectively. Although some studies indicate the treatment may increase back pain, most patients who have undergone the treatment have had reduced pain.

Restores Vertebral Body Height

The vertebrae which hurt the nerves might be sunken or cancer-damaged. Moreover, osteoporosis might damage the discs on the spine, reducing their height and damaging other structures in the back. Thus, the treatment specifically targets damaged vertebral bones, which are sunken from health issues and trauma. The special cement is made of porcelain clay which behaves like a natural bone and will restore damaged vertebrae on the back.

It Improves the Quality of Your Life

Pain is debilitating and will reduce the quality of life, especially if it leads to a reduced range of motion on the spine. The sunken vertebrae might cause pain when you try moving or engaging in other physical activities. Thus, kyphoplasty reduces pain, increases the vertebrae’s height, and improves your health quality. It may improve work productivity as you will spend less time dealing with chronic pain. Kyphoplasty can improve the life quality of cancer patients with severely damaged spinal discs and alleviate bone damage associated with osteoporosis.

It Improves Mobility

Pain might reduce mobility, and some people might be bedridden due to spinal pain. Fortunately, kyphoplasty deals with the pain at its source, elevating sunken vertebrae and restoring the spine to its normal position. Thus, this treatment will increase the spine’s range of motion and improve mobility.

It Is Minimally Invasive

The kyphoplasty procedure is minimally invasive and will deal with back pain effectively. It might delay and reduce the possibility of undergoing surgery. The doctor injects special cement, which elevates the bones, and uses a balloon-like device that causes little damage to the spine. 

The spine is a delicate area, and issues such as trauma accidents, cancer, or osteoporosis might damage the bones in the spinal area. However, you can opt for kyphoplasty, which uses special cement and a balloon-like device to elevate the discs on the spine. The kyphoplasty procedure is ideal for people with chronic pain that don’t respond to treatments. It is minimally invasive and will not cause damage to the spine as it targets the specific sunken vertebrae. Thus, it will increase mobility and quality of life and restore vertebral body height.

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