4 Tips for Picking Perfect Cannabis Seeds

If there is an activity you can enjoy the most as a farmer, it is cannabis seed collection. Cannabis seeds are some of the most genetically engineered seeds you can find all over the world. They are next to rose seeds in terms of complexity, making it a bit challenging to pick the best around.

There is a sheer number of cannabis seeds available, which makes it daunting to choose the best. You can visit your local dispensary nearby to pick the best cannabis seeds if you have the tips we are about to share here.

1. Consider the THC value

When shopping for the best Cannabis seeds, the first thing to consider is the seeds’ THC value. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the primary psychoactive chemical found in a fully matured cannabis plant. When shopping for cannabis seeds, you can see the THC percentage indicated on the package.

The cannabis seeds you choose may lack the actual THC value, but the plants they produce will have the THC level indicated on the package. You can test the level of THC in your plants if you live in a country or state where growing cannabis is legal. Always check the level of THC in every cannabis seed you buy before walking out of the dispensary.

2. The produce 

As a cannabis farmer, you are probably looking forward to having a high yield at the end to boost your bottom-line. Well, how much yield you get from growing cannabis depends on the quality of seeds you buy.

Find out how much cannabis the seed would produce if at all you are to grow it naturally. The yield value of cannabis seed is measured in grams. The amount of yield per seed is an attribute you should look at when shopping for quality cannabis seed.

3. Your favorite strain 

Sometimes the THC and yield value are just not enough to land your favorite cannabis seed. In most cases, you’ll find fairly similar THC and yield levels in cannabis seeds, and you have to consider the strain before choosing the best.

Therefore, when choosing cannabis seeds, you should consider those with strains that have won some quality awards. You can follow the High Times Cannabis Cup to determine the current best cannabis seed to shop is. Currently, feminized cannabis seeds are the best you can buy if you’re shopping for the first time.

4. Shipment 

Another critical factor to consider when shopping for cannabis seeds is how you can have them delivered to your doorstep.

If you live in a country where it’s illegal to use cannabis, you should reconsider your options for buying cannabis seeds. Looks for dispensaries that can have your marijuana seeds shipped to your doorstep secretly and safely.

Final Thoughts

The tips we’ve shared here can help you when you’re out and about choosing the best marijuana seeds as a farmer. You should consider the most basic factors like the THC value, the yelled, and strain when shopping cannabis seeds.

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